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MyTexasBooks is a member of the Payline Productions family as is MyTexasArt and MyTexasMusic.  The music site came first.  In August of 2000, an idea was created by the need for Texas musicians to have an online retail outlet while maintaining their sense of unity with other Texas artists.  Amazon.com and other major online retailers were no longer a viable option since they did nothing to promote the members and didn't pay very well.  MyTexasMusic was born.  

That first year, founders Lucky and Jinelle Boyd, worked with the merchandise of four artists, learning the tricks of the trade such as market analysis, shipping and packaging concerns, customer targeting, etc.  In the fall of 2001, the Boyd's opened the site up to other artists and began to let things grow.  In December of 2001, there were fifteen artists.  By December of 2002, there were 140 artists.  The music site continues to add an average of 3 members per week to the musical family.

In the Summer of 2002, Kathleen Hudson, author of "Telling Stories - Writing Songs" approached MyTexasMusic about getting some publicity for her book since it dealt with Texas songwriters.  Another idea was born.  MyTexasBooks became a reality with just two authors, Kathleen Hudson, and Geronimo Trevino, who was already a member of the music site.  Before long, Joyce Brooks, Vince Bell, Lloyd Shelby, and Linda Kirkpatrick were on board.  Like the music site that came before it, the book site needed to start small and endure a learning curve.  Dealing with authors and publishing companies is different than dealing with musicians and record labels.  Lucky Boyd remarks, "I had always been afraid of dealing with record labels because they have a reputation of treating their artists poorly.  Once I learned about the author/publisher relationships out there, I was no longer afraid of record labels... or rattlesnakes."

MyTexasBooks offers authors a place to sell their books online for a better profit than with the other retailers.  Many authors are forced to buy their own books from the publisher at a hefty sum.  While each author must make their own deal, MTB is working on finding some great publishers for Texas authors to work with so that better arrangements can be made.  Authors are like musicians in the sense that they are so tickled that someone will publish their work, they often take the first deal that comes along.  MTB feels there is a better way.

In time, MyTexasBooks will hold the same stature as their wonderfully blossoming music site.  In doing so, a family of authors will emerge, with one voice, and a bit of clout that will garner some better deals for Texas authors.  Jinelle Boyd says it best, "The odds are against any one of us breaking through to the top, but together, as an army, we can control the top, the middle, and the whole thing."

MyTexasBooks is not a deep discount retailer.  Some of the other retailers want consumers to think that price sells.  In many cases it does, but when it comes to supporting Texas authors and buying Texas books, most consumers are happy to know that the author gets more than $12.00 of a $17.95 selling price, instead of $1.84, which is what most authors get.  Books have a cover price for a reason.  MTB sells all its books for full cover price.  Authors deserve to be paid for their work. 

The site continues to grow, and in time will be a massive force of Texas authors.  By the way, MyTexasArt is a growing site for Texas visual artists.  That's a whole other story!

Thank you for your interest

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