B. Alan Bourgeois

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God's Army to Purge Homosexuality
ISBN 9780979628849
(2007) paperback 296 pp.
A private investigator and a bodyguard are asked to go undercover to infiltrate a terrorist group.  Nothing out of the ordinary here, except that the Private Investigator is Gay, the Bodyguard is a Lesbian, and the terrorists' sol purpose is to eradicate homosexuals in the United States.  Can the pair stop the madman who leads the group before they kill hundreds of thousands of people?
GAPH2: The Readers
ISBN 9780979628801
(2009) paperback 300 pp.
Join our two heroes, Brent and Nicole as they find out their lives and the lives of hundreds of thousands around the country are at stake once again.  They thought they had gotten rid of God's Army to Purge Homosexuality, only to find out that another person has taken the lead in this terrorist desire to rid America of Homosexuals.  Will they succeed in destroying them, or will Brent and Nicole outwit them once again.  This fast pace drama introduces us to a new collection of terrorists and heroes alike.
Spirit Never Dies
ISBN 9780979628863
(2009) paperback 236 pp.
When the world is faced with a new level of evolution, two things can happen.  It could be good or it could be bad.  This is a story of how these two forces must come to terms with their powers and deal with that humanistic nature of what is good or bad.
Extinguishing The Light
ISBN 9780982787748
(2009) paperback 282 pp.
Faced with hard time in the worst prison for a crime he didn't commit, one man is able to change the lives of many people, with little regard to his own personal well-being.  This is what true humanity is all about; doing what is right for the whole, not for the one.  This drama shows you what a real prison can be like, while at the same time giving you hope and understanding.
Patients The Paramedic Pup
ISBN 9780983197133
(2011) paperback 34 pp.

A wonderful tale of how, thorough pain, someone can find inspiration to create a toy that will help others deal with their pain and discomfort.  Denise Wheeler, while going through childbirth, realized that she needed something to grasp to keep her mind off the pain, instead of squeezing her husband's hand.  Patients was conceived on that day.


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