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Texas Towns
(Republic of Texas Press)
2003, 223 pp.


Texas Towns is a smart volume full of peculiar places.  Author Don Blevins is generous in his detailing of the counties, routes, and landmarks that distinguish the hundreds of villages with quirky names scattered throughout the Lone Star State.  History is told - the dates these curious settlements began, early inhabitants, previous names of the villages, and how each town's name came to be! 

From Angels 
to Hellcats
(Mountain Press)
2001, 149 pp.


A gun-wielding madam, a flame-haired card shark, a heroic slave girl, a sharp-shooting horse trader, a brave young mother, an "angel" in black - these are some of the memorable women in From Angels to Hellcats, eight tales of adventure, crime, courage, and mystery from the early days of the Texas frontier.  These historical portraits, presented in laid-back western style, tell the true stories behind an octet of Lone Star legends - some well-known, others more obscure.  Many people have heard of the "Yellow Rose of Texas", but who was she and what did she do?  How many know that two people survived at the Alamo - a woman and her young daughter?  Or that Gunsmoke's Miss Kitty was based on a real-life lady gambler?  A raucous ride through Texas history, this book is ideal for western history buffs, students of women's history, and of course, Texans - wherever they may live.


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