Dusty Rhodes

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Book 1 - The Beginning
ISBN 1932695311
415 pp.

Buck Cordell is a giant of a man 
in a giant, untamed land called Texas.  
He builds a cattle ranch where 
ordinary men all say it can't be done, 
a cattle empire that defies all odds, 
a family that changes the course of 
Texas history, and a legacy that outlives 
the Old West. 

This book is the first of an upcoming series.

Man Hunter
ISBN 1931742626
523 pp.

Was it justice...or revenge?  What drove a simple farmer to set out on an impossible quest after a gang of bloodthirsty killers that raped and murdered his wife and slit his small son's throat?  Their trail led him halfway across the country and deep into Mexico.  One by one he tracked them down and brought them to justice, sometimes at the end of a short rope, more often in front of his fast guns, and he didn't much care which.


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