Dyanne Fry Cortez

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A Modern How-To Guide
(Dos Puertas)
©2003, 93pp.



For centuries, the tipi was the chosen home of many American Indian tribes.  Times have changed, but the tipi is still with us.  
At least two dozen companies make tipis today.  People across North America and around the world are discovering the 
charms and comforts of this beautiful, portable shelter.  This guide will tell you 
where to get a tipi, how to haul it, how 
to set it up, how to furnish it, and how 
to keep it warm in winter, cool in summer, 
and dry in a stormy spring!

Hot Jams & Cold Showers
Scenes from the 
Kerrville Folk Festival
©2000, 312pp.

"Everyone should go to Texas' famous Kerrville Folk Festival!  Going once will never be enough.  (This) book leads you through its shenanigans, its tent-toppling winds, its balmy starlit evenings, its non-stop music on and offstage as only an insider can."
 - Liz Carpenter, author, journalist

"If you have ever camped 'neath the Hill Country stars, jammed at the Kerrtry Store, let a prayer drift up into the branches of the Ballad Tree, or found 'home' in the reunion hug of a good friend, you need this book..."
- Crow Johnson, Spirit of Kerrville Award 1993


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