Jeff D. Nicholson

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End Of The Innocence

The first in the trilogy.  We're working on bringing it to you soon.
The Fireman
(Jabbo Books)
©2002  321pp.


The second in the 
trilogy, but you can 
easily pick the story 
up here without 
losing anything.

Nicholson takes the reader on a the city 
of Mt. Pleasant deals with the ever-growing 
problems related to methamphetamine and the 
Nazi Labs where it is prepared.  Realistically told, 
the story is that of the Captain and his crew and 
their day to day activities at Station #2.  
The novel is graphic, humorous and heartbreaking 
at times, but offers the reader a realistic look at 
firemen and the day-to-day problems 
with which they deal.

The Old Detective
(Jabbo Books)
©2003  293pp.
ISBN 0970278225


You simply must 
read "The Fireman" before you read this 
The third in the trilogy.  You must read the second book before 
you read this one.

The final chapter deals with the impending retirement of Mt. Pleasant Police Detective Steve Sims and his desire to mentor a young detective to not only take Sim's place, but to do so in a manner which will 
insure stability within the department.  Set initially against the back drop of a prison riot, Sims seizes 
the opportunity to determine whether Ben Platt is a worthy successor.  As the riot unfolds, a character known only as "the Savior" constructs homemade 
pipe bombs in preparation of furthering his own anti-abortion issues.  His actions will ultimately involve the Mt. Pleasant P.D. and a host of other interesting characters, among them prison inmates Mason Green and Victor York.

Jeff Nicholson is also an accomplished musician
with the west Texas band, RiverWind.
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