Katy Jo Farmer

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Power of the Shaman
ISBN 0-7599-1003-0
58 pp.


2 books in 1
This book is one half of a
Young Adult Doubles series
coupled with
by Ann Gerfin

Power of the Shaman
May Halcomb finds a Karankawan Indian shaman's jawbone at an archeological dig in Galveston, Texas.  Something makes her take the bone.  The spirit of a shaman gives her the "power" so that she can stop the commercial development that threatens to overtake 
the burial ground.

Wizards Warning
When Lisa--who has just moved into Forest Grove with her mom and dad--digs up a magical Whimstone, an evil Lizard Wizard pops up in front of her.  Impossible things are about to boggle Lisa's brain.  Things like hiding out with a talking squirrel.  And hanging out with cool Rappin' Rabbit!


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