Ned Anthony Huthmacher

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One Domingo Morning
The Story Of Alamo Joe
(Vintage Press)
274 pp.
ISBN 0-533-14862-6


"...the story of The Alamo is well-known, with its legendary heroes named Travis, Crockett, and Bowie.  But this is not the usual Alamo memoir. This is the story of the sole surviving American male, a twenty-four-year-old slave named Joe, who is taken prisoner by 
Santa Anna but escapes to ultimately 
breathe free air.  
(This book) vividly portrays not only the 
days leading up to the now almost mythological battle, but also the 
siege itself and its gruesome aftermath.  Honestly told in spine-tingling detail, the author proceed from there to tell 
Joe's story, one that is just as 
compelling and fraught with heartrending moments as the story of The Alamo itself.  History and Alamo buffs alike will thrill to this read, which the author presents in moving and fast-paced action.   It is the Alamo story you
haven't heard yet!"


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