Paul Perry

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Lost People
(Pocol Press)
2003 190 pp.



A person wouldn't mind getting to know Paul Perry's pals in Lost People.  To be sure, they aren't the people next door unless you live next door to a park or an underpass.  But they are honest and multi-dimensional.  Perry's 
lost people are the homeless, the mentally 
ill, old war veterans, ex-cons who served 
their time for crimes that don't seem all that criminal.  These are the people we're all a 
little bit too scared to look in the eye 
because we may be just a paycheck or two 
from sharing their park bench.  And yet...

Street People
(Pocol Press)
2000 163 pp.


Multiple award-winning San Antonio 
author Paul Perry's poignant tales describe the "fringe" members of American society:  the downtrodden, homeless, prostitutes, 
winos, hobos, hitchhikers, ex-cons, 
alcoholics, drug addicts, drifters, 
panhandlers, and bums.  Set in the 
highways, byways, and harsh concrete 
of today's Texas cities, these two dozen 
stories explore the issues and life 
struggles of denizens of the streets.  
An aching, unflinching, stark, and 
deeply moving tour through the 
"invisible" underbelly of the United States.


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