Robin McKnight

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Change Your Reality, Change Your Life


Get Real!
Here's an invitation to step into a new reality.  From the moment you read this book you will discover the possibility that what is real to you may not be the 
reality others perceive.  Author Robin McKnight 
provides easy-to-understand tools to integrate 
your personal and shared realities.  With the 
help of this book, you will discover that the 
power to create a better life is at your fingertips.  
The results of this integration will allow you to:
Read and recognize your body's internal signals;
Interpret messages and symbols from your subconscious;
Improve your mental wellness;
Recognize the two realities you live in.
From this new and more fulfilling place, you will encounter a revitalized sense of freedom and a life brimming with health, positive energy, and happiness.


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