Agreement between MyTexasBooks.com, a subsidiary of Payline Productions, and the member Author who's name appears on the form submitted from the website.

The terms are spelled out below, but basically this is how it works…

· You send us at least 6 copies of each title you want to carry on the site (one A&R copy will be
opened and used by our webmaster, and will become the property of MyTexasBooks.com, leaving the remainder in your inventory)
· We sell the item for an agreed price. (usually the cover price)
· We pay new authors 70% and we pay monthly (as long as we owe you at least $10)
· We pay a higher percentage for higher volume sales and special arrangements
· Membership is free, though a small one-time setup fee of $15.00 is required

1.  MyTexasBooks.com will receive products from the Author on consignment. Initial inventory requested is a minimum of five (5) copies of each title to be sold.  When inventory levels are low, Author will be notified and will then forward a replenishment of five to ten copies of the requested title.  An email receipt will be given for the product received.  Any unsold product will be returned to the Author in the event the relationship between the Author and MyTexasBooks.com ceases to exist. MyTexasBooks.com agrees to pay the Author for any non-returnable items (damaged, lost, etc.) at the rate determined in section 3 below, only if the damage or loss is the result of actions taken by MyTexasBooks.com.

2. MyTexasBooks.com will sell Author's products from a website and from shows and trade fairs, etc. in an effort to promote Texas literature and Texas Authors.  MyTexasBooks.com has the Author's permission to publicly display any of the Author's works at any trade show, fair, etc. in an attempt to draw interest to the MyTexasBooks.com selling area, where the Author's products will be for sale.

3. MyTexasBooks.com will pay new member authors 70% of the selling price of each product to the Author.  A bonus structure may be set up from time to time in order to compensate Authors for high sales volume.  Checks calculated on or about the 10th of each month, and mailed to the author, along with information about the Author's orders.  All payments, and all sales are to be in US Dollars only.  Special arrangements may be made for different compensation structures, but should be written out in detail via email so both parties may agree to the specific terms.

4. MyTexasBooks.com promotional material will be given to the Author at the sole discretion of Payline Productions and additional promotional material may be purchased from MyTexasBooks.com by the Author, when material is available.

5.  Member Authors currently do not pay a membership or renewal fee. 

6.  Membership is free, yet a small setup fee of $15.00 is required.  

7. Member Authors may be asked and are encouraged to appear in public at MyTexasBooks.com functions to make promotional appearances.  Members are not obligated to make any appearances as a result of this agreement.  MyTexasBooks.com's parent company may offer the member a contract for services for appearances in which a commission may be due, but in such case, a separate agreement is required.

8.  Author agrees not to offer any product carried on the MyTexasBooks.com site and covered by this agreement for retail sale over the internet by any other product fulfillment company at a price lower than the regular price listed on the Author's page created by MyTexasBooks.com.  In the event an Author's product is found for a lower price on the internet, MyTexasBooks.com reserves the right to lower its price of the Author's product to match the lowest price found.  This does not apply to instances where the Author has no control over the selling price of the products, such as products which first pass through a distribution company.

9.  Author agrees to these terms, each as an independent clause.  From time to time, the terms may be improved slightly.  Changes in terms which do not affect the flow of money between the parties, and do not pertain to items 3 & 5 of this agreement are automatically agreed to without the execution of a new agreement.  However, each Author will be notified when changes are made to the terms of the agreement.

10.  Author is encouraged to make available through a website, excerpts, examples, or reviews of the product being offered.  A "buy" link should then be created to direct purchases to the MyTexasBooks.com Author's page.  Navigation of the site through the buying process is easy and allows for a return to the Author's own website.

11.  Author agrees that MyTexasBooks.com may advertise a product for a sale price whenever the Author is a featured Author on the site.  The sale price will typically involve the sale of two or more titles at once, creating more cash flow for the Author.  Even if this is not the case, the discount per item will never be larger than 15% while it is on sale.  When the Author is no longer a featured Author, the products will sell at the regular price.  

12.  In the case of customer returns due to defective product, author must share in the expenses of customer service by being responsible for the added shipping costs.  MyTexasBooks.com will pay for material costs such as mailers, envelopes, etc.

13.  No part of this agreement is intended to be an exclusive agreement for sale of the Author's products.  Author may pursue any and all other avenues for marketing, promoting, and selling merchandise.  Author may use the MyTexasBooks.com logo in printed material as a marketing tool.  However, Authors are prohibited from acting on the behalf of MyTexasBooks.com at any time other than to present themselves as member Authors.

14.  Either party may terminate this agreement by notifying the other in writing.  If an Author wishes to terminate the agreement, they should notify MyTexasBooks.com at PO Box 148, Linden, TX 75563.  If MyTexasBooks.com wishes to terminate the agreement, they should notify the Author at the latest address of record provided by the Author.

15.  Each party is responsible for following applicable laws in each respect of this agreement.  Disputes arising from this agreement must be filed, managed, or initiated in Cass County, Texas.

16.  Each of the Member Authors will be featured at least once on the front page of the site.  After each author has been featured once, they may not be featured again unless their website is properly linked to our site.  Proper linking includes a link to the main page from the author's LINKS area of their website.  This link must appear higher on the page than any other retailer which carries the author's merchandise.  Authors must also have  a link to their MyTexasBooks.com author page from a BUY link on their website.  We do not have to be the ONLY buy choice, but if we're not the only choice, we must be an equal choice with any other retailer.  These links are not required for membership, but are required for the member to be featured on the front page.

17.  Member Authors who want to accept credit cards at their events may do so with a 10% fee, but must adhere to all banking laws.  The form will be supplied by MTB and must be faxed to MTB within 72 hours of the sale.  Forms received after 72 hours of the sale will be charged an additional 5%.  Authors may record the customer's credit card number on the form, however, after receiving a confirmation from MTB that the legible fax has been received, the author must redact the number from the form and render the credit card number undeterminable.  Authors may choose to destroy the form entirely once they have been paid for the sale.  This is recommended.  Authors may not write down any CVV2 numbers on the form used to record the credit card number.  (CVV2 numbers are found on the back of the credit card)  It is the responsibility of the author to gather and maintain proof that the credit card was in the presence of the author at the time of the sale.  The form must be filled out entirely and faxed to MTB at 1-888-693-9379.

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