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Death Of A Prince

(Five Star)
2005, 293pp.
hard cover


Criminal defense attorney Sandra Salinsky is hired to defend Kitty Fulton for the murder of Kitty's father, plaintiffs' attorney Phillip Parker.  The case is more complicated than it first appears, sine Parker was Salinsky's mother's best friend.  Salinsky and her mother, Erma Townley, are law partners.  Although Fulton claims she is innocent, Sandra soon learns that Kitty had millions of reasons to off her father, and not all of them were about money.  To make matters worse, Edgar Saul, the prosecutor from hell, is assigned to the case.  Sandra and Erma put their heads together to try to figure out who really killed Phillip.  It seems that everyone has a different story of the events on the night of the murder.  One thing is certain, though, someone stole the victim's watch and ring, which could turn a murder into a capital murder, a death penalty offense.  Sandra's greatest desire is to find the killer before her client is indicted and put to trial for capital murder.  The other suspects in the case are: Bubba Caruthers, the caretaker of the beach house where Phillip lived while in Galveston; Sandra's boyfriend, Stuart Quentin, the decedent's law partner; Kitty's boyfriend, Raymond Rivers, an associate at Phillip's law firm; and Phillip's long-time girl friend, Elizabeth Haynes.  Before this case is over, Sandra will risk everything to solve a crime that leads into the very pillars of Galveston society, and put herself in 
danger to capture a killer who will take no 
chances in making her the next victim.

Murdered Judges
Of the Twentieth 
Century and Other 
Mysterious Deaths
(Sunbelt Eakin Press)
2004, 222pp.


 Although there have been individual books published about famous murder cases, collections about serial murders, regional murders, unsolved murders, and almost every other kind of murder collection one can think of, this book is the first collection of its kind.  There are no less than 42 different chapters, each a different murder story - fascinating!

"Judge Susan Baker has not only created a well-researched work, but has made it a darn good read.  It's loaded with the kind of action and suspense found in adventurous fiction, but it's more fascinating and enjoyable because it's all absolutely true."
- Ronald F. Vella, CSR, Official Court Reporter


Heart Of Divorce
Advice from a Judge
(Sunbelt Eakin Press)
2004, 124pp.

For over twenty years, Susan Baker witnessed the pain and unhappiness of the family law arena.  She watched while people engaged in destructive behavior, litigation, spent their life savings, raised dysfunctional children, and generally led unhappy lives that revolved around the next court date.  Additionally, the judge observed that there were many people who did not wish to engage the other party in battle but could not find a resource to assist them in concluding their relationship in a peaceable manner.
Judge Baker decided to write a simple handbook to assist those who are engaged in making such important life changes.  In Heart of Divorce, the reader will find a self-help manual that covers everything from assisting the party in making the decision to separate, to how to take care of oneself during the transition, to how to have a nondestructive life after divorce regardless of whether there were children.


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